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New Research shows Memsabi supports mental Health and Clarity

New Research shows Memsabi supports mental Health and Clarity


The Japanese have known for thousands of years the health benefits associated with Wasabi. Recent studies taken place in Canada​ have now confirmed this with significant discoveries regarding the relationship between Wasabi and our health. The most poignant of which is the benefits wasabi can have on working memory.
In a randomised, double-blind study investigating the effects of wasabi on short-term working memory, wasabi was shown to improve both alphabetic and numeric working memory compared to a placebo control over just 3 days.

Like horseradish, wasabi is a member of the ​Cruciferae​ family of plants, which also includes cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, radish, mustard, and kale; but the biological differences are significant. Wasabi has more antioxidant properties than any of its family members; in fact, almost 100,000 times more than kale. This humble history hides a powerful health impact. As a 100% pure, freeze-dried wasabi product, Memsabi is comprised of vitamins, the right mix of antioxidants, and a class of compounds – isothiocyanates (ITCs) – that give wasabi its unique health benefits, especially ​the longer chain ITC, 6-MSITC.​ These isothiocyanates, are formed when glucosinolate compounds in the cell walls come into contact with an enzyme called myrosinase upon processing or chewing. They provide benefits to your health by delivering nutrient support to many of the body’s internal systems, a key one being the brain.

Within its own plant family, wasabi is able to generate the highest levels of 6-MSITC, which is 40 times more potent than ITCs found in other ​Cruciferae ​plants. For this reason, wasabi-based products are the most powerful means of delivering the working memory benefits that ITCs provide.

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Isothiocyanate Molecule

These benefits are an important development in the nutraceutical field. As more discoveries are made about wasabi and other plants, the more we can reap the benefits of a more natural approach to health. These scientific discoveries only add to the knowledge drawn from the thousands of years wasabi has been used to support health, and prove that there are benefits to us all in natural health solutions.

Our team at Memsabi is continuing our work towards providing you with safe, natural supplements to benefit us all. If you would like to give Memsabi a try, you can purchase it below.


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